Age: 8 weeks

Gender: Male

Breed: Heeler mix (Just guessing)

Hey there! I’m Charlie.

I found my way to PAWS alongside my brothers and sisters as part of an unexpected litter. But don’t worry, we’re all taking it in stride and have already charmed our way through our first vet checkup and vaccinations. Now, we’re on the hunt for our forever homes. My mom’s a lovely mix of mystery breeds, and my dad’s a bit of an enigma, which makes me a unique blend of 100% adorable and certified good boy! The shelter folks think I might grow into a medium-sized buddy, something along the lines of a heeler or a small collie, but that’s their best guess.

Right now, me and my siblings are these small, fluffy, and utterly loveable bundles of joy. We’ve got brains and a bit of a mischievous streak, but if you ask me, cuddles trump everything. I’m always ready to pause my puppy shenanigans for some affection and hellos.

I’ve been told I’m a bit on the silly and clumsy side – always the one to tumble into water bowls or trip over my own paws. This has led to me having more baths than anyone else (how is that fair?), but I can’t say I mind the extra cuddle sessions that come after.

If you’re in search of a smart, affectionate, and slightly goofy new family member, then your search might just be over. I’m all set to find that special someone who understands that I’m not just a fleeting commitment but a lifelong friend in the making. I’m eager to learn and grow into the best version of myself with plenty of training and love. Could your home be the forever home I’m dreaming of? Let’s make the best team and show the world what we’ve got! 🐾