Age: 8 weeks

Gender: Female

Breed: Heeler mix (Just guessing)

Hey there! I’m Sally.

Just like my siblings, I arrived at PAWS with a little entourage of mischief and fluff. We’ve all had our first vet visit and vaccines, and now it’s time for us to find our forever homes. With a mixed breed mom and a mysterious dad, the shelter folks are guessing we might grow to be medium-sized—think along the lines of a heeler or a small collie. As for me, I’ve got my own special flair.

I’m the resident chomper of our group. Shoes, clothes, hair—you name it, I’ve probably tried to chew it! My motto is, “If it fits in my mouth, it’s worth a try.” My energy is endless, and I’m always on the go, zooming around and stirring up playful trouble with my siblings.

My boundless energy means I’m constantly in the middle of playfights, showing off my spunky spirit. This zest for life, combined with my love for a good chew, means I’ll fit best with someone who’s got a great sense of humor and a bit of patience for my youthful antics.

Training? Absolutely on the agenda! With my high energy, I’m going to need an outlet and some guidance to channel all this pep into becoming the amazing companion I’m meant to be.

So, if you’re ready for a life filled with laughter, play, and the occasional missing sock (I promise I’ll look adorable enough to forgive), then I’m your girl. I’m searching for a forever home that’s up for the adventure and joy of raising a lively pup like me. A commitment of over 10 years with me means endless play, love, and countless memories. Are you ready to add a little (well, maybe a lot) of excitement to your life? Let’s start this adventure together!