Puq’s Journey


Sweet Puq came to PAWS for the first time as a new mom to a big litter. All her babies found their homes, and Puq went back to live with her family.

A year or so later, her family reached out to let us know that poor Puq had a terrible head wound, and they were not able to seek medical treatment. Our wonderful director at the time Rachael made the very long trip to pick sweet Puq up, and bring her into our care. Puq was tired and sad from living a tough life, but she still had so much love to give.

Puq is a special dog who required a very specific home. For this reason she spent a long period of time at the shelter. Finally one of our generous volunteers decided they couldn’t leave her at night anymore, and took her home to foster. We were all nervous as Puq’s new foster home had two things in it she was not cool with, dogs and cats. However, with love and patience, Puq slowly learned to be comfortable with her foster siblings, and settled in very well.

Fast forward almost a year later, and Puq’s foster family became a foster family fail. We are beyond happy that sweet Puq is now in the furrever home she deserves. She is truly a special dog who showed that even though humans can be so horrible to animals, animals always find room in their hearts to forgive. Congratulations to Puq and her furrever family!