Our Little Friends Happy Tail

Published On: December 6th, 2018


Our Little Friend, formerly known as Lord Purralot came to PAWS by a very caring women who had being doing her best to care for him and King John when they turned up at her house many months before.  As the days became colder she grew more and more concerned for their well-being and called PAWS for assistance.

After arriving at PAWS we noticed the Lord was feeling quite unwell and barely moved from his bed in the corner of his cage for many days.  The poor boy had been suffering so long from ear mites that he couldn’t even keep his ear up anymore because it was so sore.

Then, one day an incredibly kind, caring and compassionate couple came to the shelter and as soon as they saw Lord they fell in love!  The very next day they became a family and now have so many stories to share about their Little Friend.  He is such a sweet boy who gives the best cuddles and is a very special part of their life.

We’re so happy for you all and love that we get to keep in touch!