Age: 1 year 10 months (Approx

Gender: Female

Breed: Lab/Pitty Mix (just guessing)

Hi! I’m Bagel.

I’m a very special, smart, and athletic girl who’s all about living life to the fullest. Surrendered to PAWs through no fault of my own, I’ve been making the most of life with my incredible foster parents. My love for snow, bunny hopping through trails, and my knack for solving treat puzzles highlight just a few of my favorite things. Not to mention, I’m all about snacks and showing my affection by resting my head on you, melting into you, and sometimes even sleeping upside down!

My enthusiasm is truly contagious. Cuddles are my absolute favorite, and being close to you makes me the happiest pup around. I’m working on my zen, learning to stay calm and cool as each day passes.

Walking with me on a leash can be a breeze, as I’ve become quite good at it, though I’m still figuring out my own strength and size. This means I might be better off in a home without very young children, as I get very excited and might knock them down. Older kids are my favourite and I’ll happily cuddle them all day. I LOVE other dogs but I prefer to be the centre of attention in my own home, so would probably do best without another dog at home. When in foster with other dogs, although I loved hanging out with them and snuggling with them, I did exhibit some resource guarding behaviours around both my food and my favourite human.

Every day with me is an adventure in growth and discovery. I’m constantly learning, adapting, and absolutely loving every minute of this journey.

Are you ready for an energetic, affectionate companion who’s always ready to dive into the next big adventure? If so, we might just be the perfect match! I’m in search of a family that’s as eager as I am to continue my training, perfect those doggy manners, and provide all the love, patience, and care I need. With a commitment of over 10 years, I’m looking for a forever home that’s ready for the long haul. Could that be with you? Let’s find out together! 🐾

Bagel's Adoption Application