Curly Fry


Age: 17 Weeks

Gender: Male

Breed: Pitty Mix

Hey there! I’m Curly Fry!

I journeyed to PAWS with my mom and sis from a place way up north of Pemberton. It was a bit of a long and bumpy trip, but don’t worry, I was such a good boy and was quiet the whole ride!

I’ve been hanging out at the shelter for far too long now and I’m ready for a place I can call my forever home. Growing up so quickly, I need a home and a human who can teach me about the big wide world out there! On the leash? Oh, I’m quite the pro! Plus, all my foster pals vouch that I’m potty trained and a pro in the crate. And guess what? I play super nicely with all the new doggy friends I meet. All the nice people I meet keep on saying they can’t believe I’ve not been adopted yet because I’m such a good boy.

My most favorite things to do? Play, cuddle, and tag along on any adventure you’re up for. I’m an easy-going dude and down for whatever’s happening. Sometimes, I love just to chill out in a cool spot and watch the world go by. There’s something magical about running around the PAWS yard and rolling in the grass – it’s my kind of fun! I’m bigger than my sis, so the PAWS folks reckon I’m likely to grow up to be a large-size dog. We’re not too sure who dad is, but mom’s a beautiful large breed pitty mix.

What I’m really looking for is a family who’ll love me, cater to my puppy needs, and stick around for the next 10+ years. I’d love a family who believes in positive reinforcement training and who’ll be patient and loving with me. Plus, it’s crucial to have someone who’ll ensure I’m up-to-date with vet appointments and vaccines. So, what do you say? Could you be my forever home?!