Age: 8 weeks

Gender: Female

Breed: Heeler mix (Just guessing)

Hey there! I’m Lucy.

I was part of an unexpected litter and arrived at PAWS with my siblings. We’ve all been through our first health check and gotten our first vaccinations, ready to find our forever families. Our mom is a beautiful mixed breed, and our dad remains a mystery, leaving the shelter folks guessing about our future sizes. They’re thinking medium, maybe like a heeler or a small collie, but for me, being the smallest, it’s anyone’s guess!

But don’t let my size fool you—I am a bundle of smarts and mischief rolled into one tiny package. I’ve got a knack for finding adventures, and, let’s just say, I excel at getting up to no good. My curious nature keeps me exploring and sniffing out fun at every turn. Despite my petite stature, I might just be the brightest of the bunch, which means I’ll thrive with someone who loves training as much as I love learning.

I’ve quickly learned that being the tiniest can sometimes mean you’re underestimated, but I’m here to show that I pack a lot of personality and intelligence into this small frame.

So, if you’re looking for a smart, spirited, and slightly mischievous addition to your family, look no further. I’m on the lookout for a forever home that’s ready for the joys and challenges of raising a clever pup like me. Ready for a commitment of over 10 years filled with training, love, and endless adventures? Then we might just be the perfect match. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together! 🐾