Age: 2.5 Years

Gender: Female

Breed: Pitbull Border Colllie Mix

Hi there, I’m Luna!

You may recognize me from earlier this year at PAWS. I have found myself back at the shelter due to no fault of my own, and am once again looking for a family who will commit to my training and keep me stimulated daily.

I absolutely love my humans and am very loyal to them, being near my favorite human and getting those much-loved belly rubs are the best parts of my day. You might even catch me trying to be a lapdog – it’s always a fun sight for everyone around!

I’m a smart cookie, too. Learning new tricks? A breeze for me, especially with a little food incentive. I’ve already mastered “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and giving “high fives.” Pretty cool, right?

Kids are my absolute joy; their presence just lights up my world. I might show off my silly side now and then with some energetic zoomies, playful rolls, although when I’m indoors, I’m the epitome of calm and chill.

I am good on leash, but sometimes get a little frustrated when I can’t get to other dogs to say hello. New people, especially men, might see me a bit shy at first, but give me a little time, and I’ll warm up into your best friend for life. I am looking for a family who will commit to helping me learn how to feel safe on a leash. I love hikes and bike rides, and can’t wait to get out and have fun!

Being with my human is my favorite thing, but I’m still learning that it’s okay to be alone sometimes and that they’ll always come back. With a bit of practice and training, I know I’ll get there.

I am looking for a dog-saavy family who is willing to partake and continue with my training plan, and provide me a lifetime of love, commitment, stimulation, proper veterinary care, and nutrition.

So, are you ready for a forever friend who’s all about love, learning, and loyalty? I sure hope so! 🐾

Luna's Adoption Application