Age: 7 Weeks

Gender: Male

Breed: Shepherd mix

Hello there! I’m Tupup!

I arrived at PAWS alongside my eight adorable siblings. Trust me, we’re quite a cute and chunky crew! When I grow up, I’m expected to be on the very large side. My mom was a German Shepherd and my dad’s identity cannot be confirmed. Because of this, I will probably be a big and active dog when I grow up who needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation, but don’t forget lots of cuddles too! I am the runt of the litter but that does not stop me from being front and centre! I love to demand cuddles and attention and make sure all eyes are on me!

We’re all in line for our first vet visit and seem to be thriving well. But heads up, we’ll only be ready to head home after we get that checkup.

I’m on the lookout for a home ready to shower me with love, proper nutrition, fun activities, essential training, and the healthcare I’ll need as I grow. Remember, I’m not just a momentary joy; I’m a commitment of a decade or more. Are you ready to be my forever family?