Age: 1.5 Years

Gender: Male

Breed: Pyrenees x Lab (just a guess)





Hi! I’m Watson!


I’m a big, absolutely adorable guy with a heart full of love to share! My previous family cherished me deeply, but they realized they couldn’t provide everything I needed and made the tough decision to bring me to PAWS. Since I’m quite new here, the PAWS team is still getting to know all my quirks and charms.

Having spent a lot of time indoors in my previous home, the big outdoor world initially seemed quite daunting. However, with a little time and lots of encouragement from the caring folks at PAWS, I’ve made tremendous progress. I’ve grown to love life and every person and dog I meet, though I can still be a bit shy in completely new situations. Luckily, I warm up really quickly, especially when there’s a toy thrown for me or a tasty hot dog treat involved!

I’ve become a pro at leash walks, confidently strolling through the neighborhood with nothing seeming to faze me. The PAWS staff have even started taking me on trips to town to help me get used to busier environments, and I’m loving all the new sniffs and sights! At heart, I’m basically a puppy in a big dog’s body, still learning the ropes of good manners and how to be the best companion. I’m playful and gentle, and quickly becoming a staff favorite.

I enjoy the company of other dogs and am quite comfortable around cats too. While I absolutely adore children, I may settle in better in a new environment with older kids (12+). They can understand that I might be a bit nervous about new things at first, which will help me feel more secure as I adjust to my new home. Chin scratches, snuggles, and playtime are some of my favorite things. I’m a gentle giant looking for a forever home where I can continue to blossom and share endless joy. I can’t wait to find that special someone who’s ready to explore life’s adventures with me. Could that be you? Let’s find out and make wonderful memories together!


Watson's Adoption Application